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What is a 1-Year Temporary Buydown Mortgage?

As a potential borrower, you may be eligible for a new fixed-rate loan from Movement Mortgage that could reduce your first-year rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan. A 1/0 buydown means your interest rate in year 1 is 1% lower than your permanent rate. For example, although your permanent interest rate might be 6%, your interest rate for the first year would be 5%.

Special offer only for 16 Taber St, Boston MA


• Ease into your mortgage payments
• More affordable mortgage payment before the buydown payment rate expires
• More time to pay down bills, buy new appliances, or make upgrades to your home
• Add to your savings account

Anastasia Tacewicz
Loan Officer

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Hingham Savings Bank is responsible for financing the development of 16 Taber Street. Hingham Savings Bank is thrilled to work with buyers at 16 Taber Street to ensure quality service and competitive rates.

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Sara Congdon
Loan Officer